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Based in London, Nicola works across a range of projects and sectors, leading research and analysis to help clients integrate sustainability into their business.

Nicola joined SustainAbility from the Food and Drink Federation (FDF), where she worked to develop and deliver FDF’s sustainability strategy, ‘Ambition 2025’, bringing together businesses across the food and drink manufacturing sector to reduce their environmental impact.

Nicola Ledsham on Twitter

@TheEcoGlutton: @_JulietPhillips Thanks for digging Juliet!
@TheEcoGlutton: @_JulietPhillips Annoyingly I can't find the original study - but more on it here…
@TheEcoGlutton: Demonising plastics is not the answer - it's much more complex than that. We do, however, need to reign in our cons……

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