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Jeanne-Marie is a British barrister who has lived and worked at the interface between China and the West for over 25 years. She is best known for her work on strategies for unfamiliar issues and territories, for her convening of dialogue across dimensions and divides, and for the very human perspective that she brings to complex global questions.

Resident in Beijing from 1989, and as founder of one of the earliest China-based advisory firms, Jeanne-Marie’s early work was a pioneering series of market entry mandates in some of China’s most policy-complex sectors – from the first internet communications and stock markets to healthcare, education, natural resources, energy and climate change. Client successes were grounded on both an informing of China’s emerging policy and regulatory framework, and on the re-shaping of Western client perspectives.

Across the 2000s, addressing the combined challenges of ‘mass, rapid everything’ of China’s distinctive political and policy systems, and of China’s globalization, Jeanne-Marie supported clients in developing effective strategies for long-term value creation, in designing responses for trouble-shooting, and in anticipating and managing the spectrum of opportunities and risks, commercial, political and geopolitical, which have accompanied China’s economic rise – both within China and in home and third markets.

Since 2010, and as an integral part of her focus on fundamentals, Jeanne-Marie has focused her attention on the development and delivery of robust knowledge tools for cross-cutting and actionable insight to support global corporate and institutional decision-making.

Jeanne-Marie has been Honorary Legal Advisor to successive British Ambassadors to the PRC since 1989; she is a twice-elected past chair of the British Chamber of Commerce in China and is a longstanding advisor on China strategy to a number of businesses, business leaders, and non-governmental organisations. She is a principal associate at China Policy, a board member of China Dialogue, a Senior Fellow at SOAS, and, having been an early advisor to Leaders Quest, she is now a Leaders Quest Ambassador.

Her earlier career included professional practice with both the European Commission (DG IV, Competition) and the international law firm Clifford Chance (international law and China), advisory work with the UN (legal advisor to the International Fund for Agricultural Development, including early work with the Grameen Bank) and teaching and research at London University’s School of Oriental and African Studies (where she created courses on law and development, specializing in India, Africa and China.

In 2002 Jeanne-Marie received an OBE for her work on China. Her first book (China, the Human Story) will be published by Bloomsbury in 2017.

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