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Based in London, Frances is the editor of SustainAbility’s quarterly digital magazine Radar.

She has also been involved in much of SustainAbility’s past research, including working on publications on supply chain management, reporting and the media.

Frances has also been central to expanding SustainAbility’s food & beverage portfolio. Her past consulting work focused on managing major client projects supporting the integration of sustainability into business strategies and processes. Past and current clients include ALDI, Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Enterprises, McDonald’s, Nestlé, Starbucks and Unilever.

Before concentrating on the food & beverage sector, Frances worked across a number of other industries including finance, IT, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, construction and waste management.

Prior to working at SustainAbility, Frances worked at a small London-based consultancy managing European Commission environmental and energy research projects.

Frances Buckingham on Twitter

@FBuckingham: Do you want #ClimateFriendlyFood that is produced by people you can trust in a way that cares for animals? Take act……
@FBuckingham: Trying to work but totally distracted by four goldfinches, a woodpecker, a greenfinch and a robin that are in my #London garden 🐦🌿🌎
@LDN_LS: Last chance today to support proposed changes to Congestion Charge. Key = keeping streets safe into evening as econ……

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