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Based in Tucson, Diana is currently a Regents Professor and the Director of the School of Geography and Development at the University of Arizona.

Her career has focused on understanding the human dimensions of global environmental change, especially the impacts of climate change and climate policy. She has directed the Institute of the Environment at the University of Arizona and the Environmental Change Institute at Oxford University.

She is the author and editor of seven books and dozens of journal articles and reports, including sections of the assessments of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and several key reports for the US National Academy of Sciences on climate issues. She was a co-author of the Planetary Boundaries concept papers. She has been an active member of national and international advisory committees on global change including the US NAS Committee on America’s Climate Choices and Committee on the Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change, the Inter American Institute for Global Change Research, and the ICSU Global Environmental Change and Food Systems (GECAFS) and Earth Systems Governance programs. She has contributed to the US National Climate Assessments and was a Lead Author for the recent IPCC Special Report on 1.5C.  She holds degrees from University College London (BA), the University of Toronto (MSc) and UCLA (PhD).

She was awarded the Founders Gold Medal of the Royal Geographical Society and the Association of American Geographers Distinguished Service Honors and Presidential Achievement Award for her contributions and leadership in understanding the human dimensions of global change. Her recent publications include work on the political ecology of climate change,  poverty and climate change in the western US, carbon offsets, gender in climate science, and adaptation to climate change.

Diana Liverman on Twitter

@DianaLiv: @DrKWilkinson Could I offer another source of relaxation...aussies being very……
@DianaLiv: @ProfEarl I’m in. Was already planning hybrid and outside from sep for my 300 level climate policy class
@DianaLiv: @DrKWilkinson Wish there was a bit more about women climate scientists on the web site and tweets.

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