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Media 20 Oct 2016

SustainAbility Partners with GRI to Deliver GRI Corporate Leadership Group on Reporting 2030 Program

SustainAbility is partnering with GRI to deliver The Corporate Leadership Group on Reporting 2030, a two-year program that aims to understand the SDGs and emerging best practices in reporting to support companies towards robust SDG disclosure.

The program draws on key components of the GRI Standards and Reporting Principles, such as Stakeholder Inclusiveness and Materiality, and looks at them in the context of the SDGs. A self-assessment exercise will help participants determine the SDGs most material to their business and guide them through understanding and communicating their company’s contributions to the SDGs.

The program comprises eight Labs, six online meetings and two in-person meetings. The online sessions will be delivered through an online platform that allows the dynamic presentation of content and enables participants to interact. Virtual breakout sessions facilitate interactive and in-depth discussions amongst participants. The yearly in-person meetings bring all participants together in Amsterdam, facilitating the co-creation, learning and exchange of information and enhancing the experience for participants.

Visit the GRI website for more information and to get involved.

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Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

GRI is an international independent organization that helps companies understand and communicate their impact on critical sustainability issues such as climate change, human rights, corruption and many others.

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