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Media 21 Jul 2016

SustainAbility is a Media Partner for Sustainable Brands ’16 Copenhagen

As the demand for new products, services and business models that deliver purpose and profit continues to soar, brand leaders who are tapping into this shift are thriving in the face of uncertainty. But who are the brands that are succeeding?

What will it take for them to consistently outperform within changing 21st century market dynamics? How are they activating systemic-wide change for a sustainable future?

Join nearly 500 global business leaders in over 50 sessions, workshops, plenaries, evening events, and co-create sessions for SB’16 Copenhagen from 26th-28th September 2016, to share ideas and discover how to mobilize your brand to succeed in the new economy. Global brand leaders like Heineken, Unilever, Lego and Novozymes are succeeding by Activating Purpose with sustainability-led innovation to create and scale positive impact. Over the years they have moved beyond the concept of purpose driven brand leadership to actually developing real tools, techniques, methods and models for activating purpose. It’s time to drive your brand into the winners’ circle.

Find detail-rich case studies, practical know-how and specific implementation tips to accelerate your business success. Plus, more importantly, find the partners and solutions providers who can help you along the way. Sustainable Brands is home to the global community of courageous optimists who are reshaping the future of commerce worldwide.

Register today with code NWsaSB16cph for a 15% discount.


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Register today with code NWsaSB16cph for a 15% discount.

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