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Media 29 Feb 2012

Rate the Raters Continues to Push for Transparency in Ratings

In 2010 and 2011, SustainAbility published Rate the Raters, a four-phase research initiative in which we attempted to better understand the universe of external sustainability ratings and to influence and improve the quality and transparency of such ratings. Readers may recall that we ended the phase four report with a call for all raters to publicly respond to the questionnaire we developed and to describe how they are working to improve their performance in each area and overall.

If you are a rating organization (and we have not already emailed you), we ask that you submit your response to our questionnaire by April 15, 2012. We will make your response (and those of other ratings) public, as we believe that transparency around ratings’ approaches and methodologies will facilitate the understanding and usage of ratings. And, transparency will ultimately drive improvements in the quality of ratings.

We will assess each response and develop a summary of our findings across the ratings by summer 2012. We will publish this in a white paper, in which we will also include the results of our expert survey on the credibility of key ratings as well our research into how companies are using and getting value from ratings.

Download the questionnaire or read phase four.

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