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Media 9 Sep 2014

Nestlé Human Rights and Rural Development Roundtable: Summary of Stakeholder Feedback

Nestlé SA has just released a report that documents a human rights and rural development-focused roundtable discussion with key stakeholders held in April 2014. SustainAbility acted as rapporteur for the roundtable.

The report summarizes the stakeholders’ feedback on Nestlé’s approach to these issues within their business activities. Stakeholders included twenty representatives from NGOs, intergovernmental organisations, think tanks, consultancies and trade associations. The roundtable explored Nestlé‘s approach to human rights impacts assessments and the company’s rural development framework. The report includes a summary of recommendations made by stakeholders on how Nestlé can adjust its approach and improve performance.

Download the SustainAbility report, which summarizes stakeholder feedback. More information on Nestlé‘s approach to human rights is available here.

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