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Media 26 Sep 2012

Heather Mak to Speak at the Tenth Anniversary of UTZ Certified

On 10th October UTZ Certified commemorates ten years of bringing sustainable coffee, cocoa and tea to families around the world. To celebrate its 10th year anniversary, UTZ will bring together producers, industry partners, NGO’s and government officials for their event ‘Eye on the Future’ in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Heather Mak will be joining the event to discuss the future of certifications and labels and will be discussing the findings of our report Signed, Sealed…Delivered?.

Ten years ago UTZ offered an alternative approach in the market, opening up sustainable coffee farming for mainstream markets, taking it out of a niche position. Moving forward towards 2020 it is now thinking together about the next crucial steps to take to scale up sustainable farming – the central topic during the event.

Other speakers include:

  • Gunter Pauli, Entrepreneur and author of the book Blue Economy
  • Nicko Debenham, Director development and sustainability at Armajaro Trading
  • Kamau Kuria, Managing director of Coffee Management Systems in Kenya
  • Korotoum Doumbia, Certification manager at Cémoi in Cote d’Ivoire


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