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We help clients make better decisions,
integrate sustainability into their business
and create innovative solutions.


We help clients make better decisions, integrate sustainability
into their business and create innovative solutions.


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We influence at senior level and help leaders integrate sustainability into core business strategy and operations.


We help identify and prioritize the sustainability issues that matter most to your business, equipping you to integrate issues into your core sustainability strategy. A materiality assessment can help you to allocate limited resources more effectively, anticipate and address emerging issues, satisfy stakeholder needs and strengthen communications around sustainability.

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Setting goals and metrics

We guide you in setting, tracking and integrating high-impact objectives and metrics that support your strategy and success. We help you create a vision of where your business is heading, produce goals to reflect your ambitions, secure internal buy-in, identify KPIs, set milestones and strengthen communication on progress.

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SDG mapping and evaluation

We support you in applying the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to your business strategy. We generate better understanding of how the SDGs align with your business and the value that can be gained by helping to achieve them.

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Business model innovation

We guide companies and the innovators inside them to harness the power of business model innovation. Given many market changes are anticipated on the road to a sustainable economy, business model innovation is critical to ensuring your business’s resilience and longevity.

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Report review

We help companies elevate their sustainability reporting and meet the needs of key stakeholders. Our methodology is informed by more than 30 years of thought leadership on sustainability reporting and transparency, as well as best practices and the latest trends and standards.

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ESG ratings strategy

We will work with you to develop a strategy that enables your company to focus on the ESG ratings that provide the most benefit to your business. We prioritize a selection of high value ratings that effectively and efficiently reach target stakeholders.

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Who to engage with and how? We design and facilitate powerful dialogues and collaborations because only by building great relationships can we accelerate progress at the pace and scale required.

Stakeholder engagement

Our unparalleled stakeholder engagement expertise builds networks that yield intelligence capable of improving your strategy, increasing your competitiveness and letting you drive greater impact and change.

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We encourage the next generation of collaboration beyond mere partnership to collaborations that are more diverse, networked and far-reaching. We can help you make the best and most strategic choices about where and how to collaborate to improve sustainability performance and impact.

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We are trusted to deliver high-value insights and thinking to help companies understand sustainability issues and make better decisions.


We help companies understand emerging issues with potential to disrupt business models and sectors. By keeping up-to-date, you will be able to get ahead of trends that could impact your success.

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