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Water for Business Version 3 – Guiding Sustainable Water Management

In 2009, WBCSD and IUCN released Water for Business – the first online guide specifically designed to help businesses manage water more sustainably by providing them with an overview of water tools and initiatives which they can use or engage with. The third edition is now out and was developed in collaboration with SustainAbility and

Water Water Everywhere

Water surrounds me, both literally and figuratively. I am in Stockholm – a city of islands – this week to attend World Water Week, an annual conference sponsored by the Stockholm International Water Institute. I am here at the invitation of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, and yesterday facilitated a fascinating workshop WBCSD

On Our Radar: Rethinking a Drier Future

This spring, China’s south suffered the worst drought in 50 years, exacerbating the country’s status as one of the most water-scarce in the world. While the severity of the drought has resulted in unprecedented shocks to the energy and agriculture sectors (to name just a couple), China’s not alone in facing a paradigm shift in

On Our Radar: China’s Happy Distraction

For more than two decades companies have valued our ability to serve as their early warning system, to interpret what is happening in the world today and how it may impact their business tomorrow. Our “Radar” services range from the general – monthly cross-industry trending digests – to the bespoke – tailored analysis of the

Ten Trends from 2010

1. Regulation Hasn’t Saved Us From the failure of cap-and-trade, to the passage of a fairly meek financial “overhaul” bill, to the relatively unscathed nature of offshore drilling post- Deepwater Horizon, this year’s extraordinary market events have yet to translate into adequate government response, specifically from the U.S. And as government budgets scale back, what

Energy and Water on a Collision Course

Back in 2003, SustainAbility conducted some scenario planning for one of our clients in the transportation sector. We were exploring the future of energy, and the implications of different energy paths on the company’s market. Our scenarios were titled: Comfortable World, Energy Center Stage, and Day of Reckoning. As you might imagine by the titles,

Guest Blog: Swimming the Distance But Not the Channel

I was there at the first training session in Dover on May Day, getting the cold shock of my life with a hundred other swimmers in nine degree depths. And I was there at the last. Just me and the ‘Channel General’, the indomitable Freda Streeter on a Sunday in October, facing a three hour

Ocean Assault

One way to raise awareness of the effects of climate change and pollution on the world’s oceans is to dive right in and find out for yourself. Caroline Chisholm, Head of Marketing and Communications globally for Earthwatch is doing just that as she prepares to swim the Channel that separates England from continental Europe. While

Issue Brief: Valuing Nature

Nature provides us with multiple services that benefit us every day, including clean water, food, medicines, and protection from floods, among many others. These benefits are increasingly threatened as ecosystems continue to be degraded as a result of population growth, resource extraction, and rising consumption. Some argue that the absence of pricing of ecosystem services

Get Used to Virtual Burgers

Water shortage is no longer a virtual problem. Stockholm can be seductive, but was overcast, drizzly and cold as I arrived for World Water Week. There was the familiar downpour of bleak statistics, such as that a child dies from diarrheal disease every 15 seconds. Not surprisingly, the 2,400 scientists and leaders from the public,