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What Corporations are Missing about Water Goals

This is part 2 of a 6-part series revealing findings from SustainAbility’s recent report, “Targeting Value,” which focuses on how to maximize impact through corporate sustainability goal setting. Part 3 will discuss what happens when a company fails a sustainability goal. The identification of water as a major risk to business is far from new, but 2016

Grow. Eat. Thrive. Imagining a Sustainable Food System.

We all talk about “the future we want”, where the successful economy nurtures a thriving society within a healthy biosphere. These are nice thoughts, but it’s important to be as specific as possible to understand the differences between today and that more desirable future, enabling companies to actually do something about it. Let’s take the

Watch a Video Recording of our Webinar on Global Sustainability Trends for 2016

This webinar explores the key findings of our research into the global sustainability trends that will shape the economic, political, and social landscape and business agenda in 2016. 2015 brought profound wins for sustainable development including the adoption of the Paris Agreement and the SDGs. As we settle into 2016, what will these wins mean

Global Trends & Oppprtunties

For our annual trends outlook, we reviewed our own ongoing issue tracking and interviewed two dozen global sustainability experts on their expectations for 2016 and beyond, honing in on key issues and opportunities that will define the field, and on signals for companies and others to watch. The conversation is now about the best way

Latin America Trend Series: Water Crisis Challenges Business as Usual, Spurs Innovation

Flickr image by Ian T Taylor SustainAbility highlighted water scarcity as one of the key global issues impacting the private sector in 2015. Specifically in Latin America, several successive years of drought and other climate-related disruptions have made this issue a priority on the region’s political and business agendas. The continent’s ongoing water crisis has

Must Water Be an Evaporating Asset?

Flickr image by Doc Searls As Climate Week drew to a close last month, the media and sustainability experts lauded the private sector for its can-do attitude towards addressing climate change. That level of action is especially welcome coming from the thousands of companies calling for a global price on carbon. That increasing level of

In Focus: Janet Voûte, Global Head of Public Affairs, Nestlé

Janet Voûte, Global Head of Public Affairs, Nestlé This interview was originally published in the summer issue of Radar Magazine – Issue 04: Better, Connected. After 15 years in strategy consultancy with leading firms Bain and Company and The Boston Consulting Group, Janet Voûte moved into public health as CEO of the World Heart Federation.

Report from Stockholm – World Water Week

Last week I was in Stockholm once again for World Water Week. This is the second year in a row that I have attended the mega-conference at the request of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development to moderate a session covering various water management tools. The theme of this year’s conference was