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Business Impacts Insight

In our annual trends review we identify ten issues that we believe will have significant impact on global sustainability and the corporate sector in 2018. We have reached an inflection point on renewable energy and there is a rising tide of support for a more equal society. Tweet This This year we expect to see

In Conversation with Our Founders, John Elkington & Julia Hailes

Three videos in which co-founders John Elkington and Julia Hailes discuss the start of SustainAbility, the notion of constructive discomfort, intergenerational equity, the Sustainable Development Goals and the challenges and change ahead. The Genesis of SustainAbility Co-founders John Elkington and Julia Hailes discuss how SustainAbility was established following the success of Green Pages and the

Then, Now & What’s Next

Sustainability is 30. To mark this milestone we are charting how in that time the developed world has changed and is changing. We look at how people have affected everything from our landscapes and physical world to the economy and broader society. And we explore the opportunities and possibilities of a regenerative and equal future

Evaluating Progress on Climate Change

Two years after the breakthrough achievement of the Paris Agreement, we asked global sustainability experts representing business, government, NGOs and academia to evaluate progress made by the global community on addressing climate change generally and implementing the Agreement specifically. Our expert panel’s assessment is bleak. More than half of these sustainability practitioners think that the

Amid Technological Disruption, Utilities Continue Search for Sustainable Business Models

SustainAbility’s Trends blog series provides you with updates on important signals from our What’s Next for Business? Sustainability Trends for 2017 report. This blog explores the key forces and technologies shaping the transformation of the U.S. utilities sector. The U.S. electric utility sector currently faces disruption on a scale it has never experienced before. Democratization and

Corporates Hold the Keys: Climate Leadership Under Trump

SustainAbility’s Trends blog series provides you with updates on important signals from our What’s Next for Business? Sustainability Trends for 2017 report. The first blog in this series looks at emerging opportunities for leadership for American companies in relation to recent changes in United States climate and energy policy. US government action on climate change

Webinar: 2017 Sustainability Trends – Impacts for Corporate Leadership

We are delighted to present this webinar to discuss global sustainability trends that will shape the economic, political, and social landscape and business agenda in 2017. 2016 was marked by increased social and economic instability and profound changes in the global political landscape. What will these developments mean for business? What key issues shaping the sustainability

What’s Next for Business?

For SustainAbility’s annual trends report, we have identified ​10 issues that we believe have the greatest sustainability influence right now, calling out implications for the private sector in particular. 2016 brought profound global ​shifts including rising support for protectionism and populism, growing cybercrime and​ shifting global climate leadership, all​ amid significant political and economic instability. Opportunities for companies

On Our Radar: The Accelerating Health Impacts of Climate Change

This series of articles tracks and explores emerging issues that are shaping the corporate sustainability agenda and should be on the radar of business executives and corporate sustainability professionals. For an in-depth analysis of key sustainability trends for 2016, read our report Global Trends and Opportunities: 2016 & Beyond. Climate change is having measurable effects

How Mitsubishi Gain Insight Through Intelligence

Japan’s largest general trading company, Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) has business interests in industries as diverse as energy, metals, machinery, chemicals, food and general merchandise. A company committed to the enrichment of society through business, it is acutely aware of how environmental, social and economic pressures are rapidly shaping the context in which global companies operate.