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Context Matters: Setting Corporate Water Targets Based on Watershed Needs

California Drying With the unique exception of Donald Trump’s denial, California’s water resource challenges are universally accepted to be a major problem. Although I’m a native east-coaster used to snowy winters and muggy summers, I today call California home and spend my days working with the private sector to protect our water resources. Living in

The Evolving Private Sector Response to Climate Change Post-Paris Agreement

The 21st of March 2016 marked 100 days since the historic climate agreement was struck in Paris between 195 countries, setting the first long-term goal for carbon emissions reduction. It was bolstered, too, by the World Economic Forum, whose work demonstrates that global leaders for the first time perceive the failure to mitigate and adapt to

6 Principles to Catalyze a New Generation of Collaboration for Sustainability

With the arrival of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the COP21 agreement (or ‘Paris Agreement’) on climate change at the end of 2015, there has been a rush of new and renewed calls for cross-sector collaboration to implement them. The last of the 17 SDGs – “Revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development”

We’ve Come a Long Way from Rio. But the Real Journey Starts Now.

As the dust settles after the negotiation of an ambitious global agreement in Paris, Geoff Lye offers his assessment of its significance. 23 years ago, I left Rio full of optimism – confident that a range of Earth Summit agreements, including the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, would set us on a sustainable path

Does COP 21 Need Business More than Business Needs COP 21?

As COP 21 gets underway, Geoff Lye considers the role of business to help deliver the decarbonisation needed to avoid breaching the 2°C threshold – the ultimate goal of the Paris climate talks. In a statement by the International Chamber of Commerce to a ‘pre-COP’ in Paris earlier this month, a (diplomatic) plea was made

Global Experts Say Progress on Climate Change Post-2015 Will Hinge on Business, Governments

In some respects the Volkswagen emissions scandal could not have come at a worse time. Unfolding two months before the historic COP21 climate summit in Paris, the revelations that the car giant cheated emissions tests reinforced long-held suspicions among some skeptics that the private sector’s buy-in over climate change was superficial. The 2015 Climate Change

Carbon Tipping Points. And Climate Movements. Signals of Hope for Future Generations?

This is the second in a series of blogs Geoff Lye will produce in the run up toCOP 21 and through the conference itself. His blogs from most COPs since the Bali conference in 2007 can be found here. As I wrote this, my latest grandchild arrived in this world. [Thanks. Leo. 9.1 pounds. And

Paris. We’re Halfway There.

This is the first in a series of blogs I will produce in the fortnight running up to COP 21 and through the conference itself. As a regular attendee and reporter from most COPs since the Bali conference in 2007, I must admit to a feeling of déjà vu. The world’s leaders will be coming together

Leadership on Climate Change: COP21 & Beyond

In December 2015, the governments of more than 190 nations will convene at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP21) in Paris to negotiate a new international agreement to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. We asked global experts representing business, government, NGOs and academia to share their expectations for the COP21 meeting and provide insights about

Inside Brazil’s Sustainability Evolution

As I dropped my young kids off for their first days of school this year, I was reminded of my own unique back-to-school moment. In 1985, I detoured from the normal high school path to spend 12 months between my sophomore and junior years on student exchange in Brazil. For a teenager from the small