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Helping a Sourcing Leader Broaden its Approach to Sustainability

In 2016, SustainAbility supported Chipotle to conduct its first sustainability materiality assessment to better understand the company’s priority issues. Chipotle has been working to integrate sustainability into its menu and sourcing of ingredients. The company has shown leadership on local and organic sourcing and has embedded key sustainability values into its core business. To build

Bringing Together Stakeholders to Advance Sustainability

SustainAbility has worked with Nestlé on its stakeholder engagement since 2006 and have managed and facilitated its stakeholder convenings since 2012. “At Nestlé, we unequivocally believe that access to water is a basic human right.” – Paul Bulcke, Chairman of Nestlé Board of Directors, Nestlé CSV Forum, Brasilia Tweet This Every two years Nestlé hosts

Webinar: Monetizing Impact Dimensions of Material Issue Areas

  Novartis and SustainAbility presented a webinar on November 27th, the second of a series of conversations about the results and outcomes of Novartis’ 2017 Corporate Responsibility Materiality Assessment. On this webinar speakers shared Novartis’ current approach to quantifying and monetizing impact dimensions of their corporate responsibility material issue areas. John Elkington, Chair of the Impact Valuation

Creating a Circular Economy for Plastics

This is the third in a six-part series that explores five focus areas for businesses to address in plastic strategies, accelerate change and pursue the necessary scale of innovation and collaboration to address the plastics challenge. You can read the second blog in this series here. Our current system is failing to capture the economic

Strengthening Reporting to Support Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy

SustainAbility has been working with Drax since 2015 to help strengthen its reporting. In 2016 Drax launched a strategy which included an expansion of its retail offering through the acquisition of Opus Energy. This expansion of the retail business increased Drax’s exposure to business customers and the disclosure of its sustainability performance to this key

What Is Best Practice in Corporate Target Setting?

  Matt Loose joined IEMA for a webinar exploring the results of SustainAbility’s Targeting Value research. In the interactive webinar, Matt explored the value to organisations in setting, pursuing, achieving and reporting on sustainability goals. He described the barriers, tactics and best practices to ensure goals deliver maximum value and sustainability impact. The webinar describes

Webinar: What Strategic Value Can Materiality Assessments Deliver in the Future?

  Novartis and SustainAbility presented a webinar on August 17th which kicked-off a series of conversations about the results and outcomes of Novartis’ 2017 Corporate Responsibility Materiality Assessment. This webinar focused on the overall results which highlighted crucial insights into the expectations of Novartis’ stakeholders. Hear from Rob Cameron, Chief Executive at SustainAbility, Michael Fürst, CR

Integrating Corporate Responsibility into the Core Business Through Materiality

The 2017 Corporate Responsibility Materiality Assessment Results Report summarises the approach and results of the Novartis 2017 corporate responsibility (CR) materiality assessment. This third full materiality assessment for Novartis plays an important role in strengthening the integration of CR in Novartis’ core business. The objectives of the materiality assessment were to: Further align strategies with

Finding Opportunity in the Sustainable Development Goals

  At first glance, you might imagine that the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals are best tackled by governments and non-profits, but the reality is that businesses have a crucial role to play. SustainAbility’s Director Margo Mosher, who is a member of The New York Academy of Sciences, shares the story of how she shifted her

Webinar on Targeting Value: Setting High-Impact Sustainability Goals

  In this public webinar, SustainAbility Senior Manager Rebecca O’Neill presented the findings of the company’s new research report, Targeting Value. The research provides clear insights on the value to business of setting, pursuing, achieving and reporting on sustainability goals. The report identifies several key barriers to setting high-impact goals, as well as potential ways