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Adaptation = Survival

Riding home recently on a “Boris Bike“ – so named after London’s inimitable mayor, Boris Johnson, credited with conceiving the new bicycle sharing scheme – I witnessed a phenomenal collision between two riders that resulted in one of them flying several feet through the air at head height. Spectacular! Moments earlier, I had felt a

Care for Some Plastic in your Soup?

A few years ago much of our time was spent convincing companies, or individuals within companies of the need to act on certain environmental and social issues. Much of this was centred on building the business case – analysing the extent and nature of the financial benefits that companies gain from sound environmental practice, social

The Biodiversity Challenge for Business – 2010 is International Year on Biodiversity, but what might it mean for business?

Biodiversity has been the Cinderella among environmental issues, with the CEOs of even some of the world’s biggest corporations comfortably confident that it has little—if anything—to do with their day-to-day preoccupations. Except, of course, where their operations directly impact rainforests, temperate wetlands or coral reefs, as in the case of a food company using palm

Peak Oil: Why $40 Per Barrel Is No Cause for Complacency

These days it is comforting to have one thing not to worry about. As the world teeters on the edge of a full-blown depression, and business is crushed between slumping sales and seized-up credit markets, at least the oil price is in retreat. From an historic high of $147 per barrel last July to around

Can Democracy Save the Planet? (openDemocracy)

Is democracy necessary for sustainable development – or does it get in the way? The political world is full of evidence that can be used to argue for either view. The lengthy and lively United States presidential competition between Senators Hillary Clinton, John McCain and Barack Obama has, for example, engaged an unusually high proportion

Growing Opportunity

A growing array of apparently insoluble socio-economic, environmental, and governance challenges presses in on decision-makers — including climate change, the risk of global pandemics, the growing threat to natural resources like water and fisheries, and the ever-present issues of poverty and hunger. Growing Opportunity — in partnership with The Skoll Foundation — explores the potential

One Planet Business

For some years it has been clear that individual businesses, no matter how committed, are not in themselves able to solve enormous and intractable problems like the spread of HIV/Aids, climate change and environmental pollution. Part of the problem has been a lack of effective tools to measure the extent of the challenge, and how