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Innovating to Minimise the Lifecycle Impacts of Plastic

This is the fourth in a six-part series that explores five focus areas for businesses to address in plastic strategies to accelerate change and pursue the scale of innovation and collaboration necessary to address the plastics challenge. You can read the previous blogs from this series here. Whilst it is not possible, or even desirable, to remove

Then, Now & What’s Next

Sustainability is 30. To mark this milestone we are charting how in that time the developed world has changed and is changing. We look at how people have affected everything from our landscapes and physical world to the economy and broader society. And we explore the opportunities and possibilities of a regenerative and equal future

Context Matters: Setting Corporate Water Targets Based on Watershed Needs

California Drying With the unique exception of Donald Trump’s denial, California’s water resource challenges are universally accepted to be a major problem. Although I’m a native east-coaster used to snowy winters and muggy summers, I today call California home and spend my days working with the private sector to protect our water resources. Living in

Evaporating Asset

The World Economic Forum has identified “water crises” as one of the top ten issues of greatest concern to the global economy in 2014. What is causing these crises and how do we address them? Through research supported by the Rockefeller Foundation in 2014, SustainAbility explored the challenges faced by freshwater and freshwater ecosystems globally

Water for Business (Version 3)

In 2009, WBCSD and IUCN released Water for Business – the first online guide specifically designed to help businesses manage water more sustainably by providing them with an overview of water tools and initiatives which they can use or engage with. The third edition is now out and was developed in collaboration with SustainAbility and

Survey on Key Challenges and Industry Performance

What are the most urgent challenges facing society today? And which of 17 industry sectors are doing the most effective job of managing the most urgent challenges? To explore these questions and more, GlobeScan and SustainAbility surveyed sustainability experts and practitioners from 64 countries around the world. Download the PDF below for the full results,

Appetite for Change

The global food system is under scrutiny for environmental impacts including habitat degradation, greenhouse gas emissions and freshwater use. Half the world’s farmers go hungry, while around a billion people are clinically obese. Demand for food is growing and yields are falling. Radical and rapid systemic change is required. Appetite for Change was conceived to

The Future of Energy

The crisis at Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant and subsequent public debates over the safety and future of nuclear power has given the world pause this spring, forcing us to reconsider the following question: what does a sustainable, low-carbon energy future look like? To explore this question, and to find out what corporate sustainability practitioners

Kentucky on My Mind

Photo: Kent Kessenger via farukahmet, Flickr With apologies to Hoagy Carmichael and his paean to Georgia, it’s Kentucky I’ve had on my mind lately. Circumstance had it I was making a trip to Louisville to help my colleague Michael Sadowski orchestrate a stakeholder dialogue on alcohol responsibility for Brown-Forman, maker of Jack Daniel’s and other

Vedanta and After… Community is King!

In a letter August 31, 2010, the Indian Ministry of Environment and Forests rejected the environment clearance accorded to the mining giant Vedanta, to mine bauxite in the Niyamgiri hills in the eastern state of Orissa. With that, the proverbial curtain came down on a saga that could well have inspired David Cameron’s Avatar, but