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Why Business Needs More Activism

Two decades ago, business and NGOs sat poles apart, wary of each other’s intent and aims. Twenty years on — and with the realization of the need for collective action on environmental and social issues that play out across geographical, political, market and ecosystem boundaries — we see a shifting landscape. But has this move

Survey on Activism

2011 welcomed the re-emergence of the campaigning NGO as civil society organizations reclaimed and reinvigorated their activist spirit. From relentless campaigning by against the Keystone XL Pipeline to the populist multi-channel campaign by Hugh’s Fish Fight to end discards of by-catch in Europe to Greenpeace’s string of victories from ‘zero discharge to ‘unfriend coal’

Environmental Activism: Waxing or Waning?

Photo: Sierra Club There was a conflict of sorts in my inbox last week. Wednesday heralded the arrival of the latest Ethical Corporation newsletter, the subject line for which read “Effective environmental activism all but abandoned in the US”, and which pointed recipients to an early July post from Peter Knight of Context America suggesting

Armchair Activism

Recently I have signed up in support of a number of different campaigns and used social media to spread the word on the issues in focus. However, after the warm glow of participating in a movement has subsided I am left questioning whether my armchair activism has had any meaningful impact. The last few months

Why Generation Y Should Be Listened To

Many years ago I concluded that the cohorts of highly qualified young people who had taken Masters degrees in pursuit of careers in sustainability had not only been poorly educated in how modern business is beginning to address the social and environmental challenges of the twenty first century but, worse, had often been fed completely