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Then, Now & What’s Next

Sustainability is 30. To mark this milestone we are charting how in that time the developed world has changed and is changing. We look at how people have affected everything from our landscapes and physical world to the economy and broader society. And we explore the opportunities and possibilities of a regenerative and equal future

The Business Response to Displacement & Migration

More than a million refugees crossed into Europe in 2015 alone, part of the 50 million refugees worldwide. According to the World Economic Forum, if a country was created from all the displaced people it would be the 24th largest in the world. Migration is not new, but the scale in Europe in contemporary times

Giving Workers a Voice: Well-Being in Supply Chains

Company approaches to supply chain well-being are increasingly centered on technologies and research that enable workers to express their concerns and give honest and open feedback of factory conditions. Globalisation, one of the most preeminent trends of the past several decades, has profoundly influenced how people communicate, travel and consume and how companies do business.

Ten Trends from 2013: Mind the Gap – The Business of Inequality

Beyond executive pay, we’ve seen the inequality conversation manifest itself into ‘living wage’ campaigns rippling through the service sector in 2013. Image by Ari Moore, Flickr This is post 1 of 10. See next. For over 25 years, companies have valued our ability to serve as their early warning system—to interpret emerging issues and trends

Thievery Corporation: When It’s Right to Profit from the Poor

Photo: Flickr user Meena Kadri A week ago, as I waited at a traffic light in Mumbai, I witnessed an incident of grand theft auto—well, perhaps it was not grand, but something was stolen, and it involved an automobile. Here’s what happened: A barefoot woman in a grubby green sari scurried into the street, carrying

Skoll Forum: Reading the Tea Leaves

Have you heard the tale of the Oxford forest? In this mythical story, the dons who started Oxford University 500 years ago had the foresight to plant a forest nearby, so that when, centuries later, the wood in its hallowed halls starting rotting, a ready supply awaited. Not only did the dons have the pluck

Arriving in Mumbai, Jubilation and Opportunity

India won the Cricket World Cup on Saturday night, momentous news for a country that hasn’t seen a cricket victory of this kind in 27 years. As my flight into Mumbai neared the city that night, the pilot kindly updated us on runs, balls and wickets every 20-30 minutes. Before we landed, the pilot proclaimed

New Year, New Life

The best of holiday gifts arrived for our family just after the New Year – a healthy baby, born the morning of January 08, 2011. These early days of his life are ones I will remember and cherish, and they have given me reason to think about the type of world in which he, and

Microfinance at the Crossroads: Can we NOT throw the baby with the bathwater?

on 15th October 2010, the Government of Andhra Pradesh in southern India issued an ordinance which significantly reined in the microfinance institutions (MFIs) operating in the state. The matter has gone to court and is slated to be heard in the week of November 8, 2010. Coming as it does in the wake of an

Open Letter to Chief Executive of HSBC

Geoff Lye contests the view of Michael Geoghegan, Chief Executive HSBC, that it is the private sector that ultimately should run society. Michael Geoghegan Chief Executive HSBC Group Head Office HSBC Holdings plc 8 Canada Square London E14 5HQ Dear Sir, Reports of your recent speech in Belfast (The Guardian, Saturday, 7 August) quoted you