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The 2014 Sustainability Leaders

This report represents an important milestone. The longest-running survey of its kind, this year’s annual Sustainability Leaders report marks 20 years’ worth of tracking and analysis on the evolution of the sustainability agenda, and of the leaders and institutions most responsible for driving it forward. According to the 887 expert stakeholders surveyed from business, government,NGOs

The 2013 Ratings Survey: Polling the Experts

As part of SustainAbility’s Rate the Raters research, GlobeScan and SustainAbility have periodically polled sustainability experts about key sustainability ratings, rankings and indices. We conducted the first survey in 2010, the second in 2011 and this third survey in late 2013. In conducting this survey, our objective is not to “rate the raters”, but rather

Challenges, Performance and Accountability

In comparison to the 2011 edition of this survey, titled Key Challenges and Industry Performance this year’s results show a slight uptick in the level of urgency experts feel across top sustainability issues, as well as in their impressions of how well industry is managing the transition to sustainability. But, even while perceptions of performance

The 2013 Sustainability Leaders

Another year has passed and the results of the latest GlobeScan / SustainAbility opinion survey on leadership look startlingly similar: Unilever on top. That’s not the whole story of course – Patagonia continues its impressive rise in the eyes of our sustainability experts, Puma has entered the “top ten” for the first time ever, and

Collaborating for a Sustainable Future

As Jo Confino, chair of Guardian Sustainable Business, wrote at the close of the Rio +20 Conference in June 2012, “the most often used phrases in the many meetings I attended [were] the need to create ‘coalitions of the willing’ and a recognition that ‘all issues are inter-connected’ and cannot be viewed in silos”. In

The 2012 Sustainability Leaders

It is probably no surprise that perceptions of sustainability leadership have declined or stalled for nearly all institutional actors – including corporations, governments, NGOs and social entrepreneurs – in the last 12 months. Social protests around the world indicate disillusionment with rising inequality, unemployment and continued unsustainable short-term thinking and reflect the growing distrust in

Climate Change Policy Options: Beyond Kyoto

At the end of this year the first commitment of the Kyoto Protocol will expire having failed to get carbon emissions down to a safe level. The main success appeared to be that the international policy process managed to stay on track despite the near breakdown of negotiations at COP15 in Copenhagen. As we move

Survey on Activism

2011 welcomed the re-emergence of the campaigning NGO as civil society organizations reclaimed and reinvigorated their activist spirit. From relentless campaigning by against the Keystone XL Pipeline to the populist multi-channel campaign by Hugh’s Fish Fight to end discards of by-catch in Europe to Greenpeace’s string of victories from ‘zero discharge to ‘unfriend coal’

Survey on Sustainable Consumption

Are we making adequate progress toward the goal of sustainable consumption? And, is it possible to achieve it in the context of continued economic growth? In the latest poll from GlobeScan and SustainAbility, a panel of more than 500 global sustainability experts and practitioners believe that sustainable consumption is possible to achieve, but will require

Survey on Key Challenges and Industry Performance

What are the most urgent challenges facing society today? And which of 17 industry sectors are doing the most effective job of managing the most urgent challenges? To explore these questions and more, GlobeScan and SustainAbility surveyed sustainability experts and practitioners from 64 countries around the world. Download the PDF below for the full results,