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Ticket to ride… to a low-carbon future?

Last week, I had a meeting with a potential client at their office located in Gurgaon, a southern suburb of Delhi. As someone who is conscious of my personal carbon footprint and being part of SustainAbility, which advocates a zero-carbon world to whoever will listen, I thought it will be most appropriate to travel to

Is Energy Independence Good Policy?

In his Tuesday night oil spill speech, President Obama argued that energy independence should be at the core of national energy policy. Cleveland Cutler of Boston University argues that a policy of energy independence is flawed for economic, strategic, and environmental reasons. I have never been a fan of energy independence, and agree in principle

On a scale of one to ten (COP 15)

I think I’m missing my colleague Geoff who left Copenhagen early this morning. One of his favourite sentence constructions begins with the words: “On a scale of one to ten,” swiftly followed by his question of interest. I have this formulation rattling around in my head for two reasons: (1) we spent the last couple

Repowering the World

The US must reinvent. For me, the big speech of the year so far was Al Gore’s A Generational Challenge to Repower America made in Washington in July. He called for the complete re-engineering of much of the US economy. “Rustbelt” Detroit, for example, would find new life in developing and deploying green technologies. The