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Business Advocacy: How to Cut Through in a Crisis

This article was written earlier in the year before the rise in global demonstrations following George Floyd’s death. While the article focuses largely on climate change, companies might consider the general messages it contains while framing their responses to this important outcry for equality and social justice. We at SustainAbility believe that companies have an

In Focus: Worker Well-being

As COVID-19 continues its march, we are closely watching its impacts on the sustainable development agenda. Positive signs of continued momentum include investors demonstrating consistent ESG interest during the pandemic, and the launch of new climate commitments by companies like Shell and Microsoft even as the economy stumbles. Beyond ESG, climate and other signature sustainability

Why the ‘Decent Work’ Agenda is Reshaping Sustainability Goals

This is the final part of a 6-part series revealing findings from SustainAbility’s recent report, “Targeting Value,” with a focus on how the landscape of sustainability goals around the decent work agenda is evolving. The “Decent Work” agenda is not new. The International Labor Organization (ILO) has been promoting decent work standards since 1919, and we have come a long way

Cultivating Purpose: Sustainability Innovation and Employee Engagement

Fostering an environment where people can work with purpose by innovating for more sustainable outcomes can help inspire and retain employees. “There is an ugliness in being paid for work one does not like,” Anaïs Nin penned in 1941 in her diary. We may have to admit that the global workplace may indeed be in

Tech Companies and the ‘War for Talent’

Competition for high performers in the tech sector can drive sustainability practices in companies, but may lead to negative societal impacts elsewhere. The digital transformation that is underway across all industries, from automakers to journalism to agriculture, is leading to mind boggling growth in the technology sector. New products and services are in high demand,

10 Trends for 2015: Reimagining a “Future-Fit” Workplace

An increasing number of workplaces are embracing future fit practices including flexible working and benefits for employees. © iStockphoto For over 25 years, companies have valued our ability to serve as their early warning system—to interpret emerging issues and trends in the sustainable development agenda and help them anticipate, understand, and respond to shifts in

On Our Radar: Human Rights Accountability Remains Elusive

Flickr image by andres musta This piece was originally published in the autumn issue of Radar Magazine – Issue 05: Unusual Activists. Global human rights violations have risen in the last decade and unless governments act to introduce stronger binding mechanisms and companies start viewing human rights compliance as an essential part of corporate accountability,

The Social Intrapreneur

Published in partnership with The Skoll Foundation, Allianz and IDEO, the report presents a field guide to the world of social intrapreneurship – its challenges and opportunities – and draws on in-depth research undertaken by SustainAbility in twenty leading global corporations. Building on SustainAbility’s earlier research into social enterprise, the field guide spotlights a new

The Global War on Baby Girls

Had breakfast this morning with Frances Cairncross, now Rector of Exeter College, Oxford, and her husband Hamish Macrae. Hamish, I recall, commissioned my first article for The Guardian (for which I wrote off-and-on for almost 20 years), that time on the financial page, way back in the late 1970s. Between the three of us, we

The Social Reporting Report

SustainAbility has argued that the economic, social and environmental dimensions of sustainable development are increasingly intertwined. But we are acutely aware that these three dimensions of accounting, auditing and reporting are at very different stages of their evolution. Financial reporting has a 500-year history, but still finds it hard to account for such things as