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Spotlight on Novartis

Launched in 2015, the Novartis Access is a prime example of how the private, public and civic sectors can complement each other. The company is partnering with governments and NGOs to distribute medicines on the ground and to raise awareness and strengthen healthcare system capabilities. Michael Fuerst, Senior Manager Corporate Responsibility Strategy & Innovation at

3D Printing – A Sustainable Solution Near You?

In the Michelin starred restaurant, Enoteca, nestled amongst palm trees with a view of the Mediterranean, an acclaimed chef, Paco Perez, places a plate inside a strange-looking machine. He pushes a few buttons and removes it, now adorned with an intricate, coral-like design. He adds ingredients onto the edible design—caviar, sea-urchins, hollandaise, an egg and

3D Printing – Exploring a Technology and its Sustainability Potential

3D printing remains the cool kid in class, still fresh, and maintaining an attractive level of intrigue. And its future looks promising. According to Harvard Business Review from May 2015, industrial 3D printing is “at a tipping point, about to go mainstream in a big way.” 3D printing is a technology that can build three

Focus on Pharma: Creating a Market for Disease Prevention

Flickr image by Victor This piece was originally published in the autumn issue of Radar Magazine – Issue 05: Unusual Activists. Society always will need medicines, and medicines always will require heavy investment in research and development. But signs indicate the pharmaceutical sector’s customers — governments, insurers, foundations and patients — are increasingly not willing

On Our Radar: The Systemic Response to Sugar

Flickr image by Melissa Wiese This interview originally appeared in Radar Issue 03: What Chance Change? Exploring Sustainable Finance. Scientific consensus seems to be growing that there is a causal link between excess sugar consumption, rising obesity and Type 2 diabetes and other NCDs. Analogies such as sugar is the new tobacco have grabbed headlines

The Unusual Suspects: Rob Frederick, Brown-Forman

Rob Frederick is Vice President and Director of Corporate Responsibility at Brown-Forman, a global producer of spirits and wines including brands such as Jack Daniels, Finlandia, Herradura and Woodford Reserve. Prior to joining Brown-Forman, Rob helped define and implement sustainability strategy at Ford Motor Company. Rob was a client of SustainAbility at Ford and continues

Survey on Sustainable Consumption

Are we making adequate progress toward the goal of sustainable consumption? And, is it possible to achieve it in the context of continued economic growth? In the latest poll from GlobeScan and SustainAbility, a panel of more than 500 global sustainability experts and practitioners believe that sustainable consumption is possible to achieve, but will require

On Brand, Transformation and Sustainability

I’m heading to Sustainable Brands ’11 (SB11) in Monterey, CA, in few weeks, where I will deliver the opening keynote the morning of June 08, then MC the rest of that morning. As I prepare to make the journey with colleagues Patrin Watanatada and Chris Guenther, I have been reviewing some related thinking SustainAbility has

Armchair Activism

Recently I have signed up in support of a number of different campaigns and used social media to spread the word on the issues in focus. However, after the warm glow of participating in a movement has subsided I am left questioning whether my armchair activism has had any meaningful impact. The last few months

A Brighter Future for Design

In addition to being a bit of a sustainability geek, I moonlight on the weekend as an art and design nerd (as does my colleague Jennifer Biringer). I’ve never had any formal training in either discipline, but I grew up with an artist mother and aunt, and so art and design has always been close