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Good Growth, Together: Juan Gonzalez-Valero, Syngenta

SustainAbility’s latest report, Orchestrating Change: Catalyzing the Next Generation of Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration for Sustainability, was published in January. Syngenta, the global agribusiness company, which has made collaboration a key focus of its Good Growth Plan, was a sponsor of the report. We talked to Juan Gonzalez-Valero, Head of Public Policy and Sustainability for Syngenta, about

Helping AstraZeneca Assess the Benefits of Living Wage

AstraZeneca, a member of our Engaging Stakeholders network, commissioned SustainAbility to conduct an independent piece of research in order to better understand the issue of the Living Wage in the UK. Although definitions of a Living Wage vary, it is generally accepted to mean the wage that can meet a person’s basic needs to maintain

Ten Trends from 2013: Women – Linchpins of Sustainable Development

Overturning longstanding gender norms is an imperative for global food security given that female farmers “feed more and more of the world”. Image of Women Farmers Network in Chakwal. ©Anduze traveller, Flickr This is post 5 of 10. See next or previous. For over 25 years, companies have valued our ability to serve as their

UN Calls on Private Sector to Protect Vulnerable Communities

Typhoon Haiyan Near Hainan Island, China. Image © NASA Goddard Photo and Video: Flickr. “But let us again be clear that we are witnessing ever more frequent, extreme weather events, and the poor and vulnerable are already paying the price.” Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, closed COP 19

Bigger than It Appears – The XL Pipeline Debate

Earlier this month, the Obama administration decided to delay the decision on approval of the XL pipeline until 2013, ostensibly to further study the pipeline’s potential environmental impacts. The fight over the pipeline, which would transport tar sands crude from Canada to US refineries in the Gulf of Mexico region, has become a symbol of

Sustainability and the Sociology of Civil Unrest

Last week we heard Clive Bloom – Emeritus Professor of English and American Studies at Middlesex University and author of Violent London: 2000 Years of Riots, Rebels and Revolts – commenting on BBC Radio 4 about the systemic issues that underpinned the devastating riots in London this month. With many now searching for an explanation

On Our Radar: Walmart and McDonald’s Take Aim at Obesity

With the backing of First Lady Michelle Obama and her campaign to end childhood obesity, Walmart announced a plan to open up to 300 new stores over the next five years in U.S. “food deserts”, wisely aligning its company’s growth plans with the high-profile, publicly-backed initiative. The company, which has reported falling same store sales

Appetite for Change

The global food system is under scrutiny for environmental impacts including habitat degradation, greenhouse gas emissions and freshwater use. Half the world’s farmers go hungry, while around a billion people are clinically obese. Demand for food is growing and yields are falling. Radical and rapid systemic change is required. Appetite for Change was conceived to

Cindy Gallop: “I don’t do status quo”

Cindy Gallop is a force. She is a magnetic, dynamic character that oozes positivity and passion in ways I have never encountered. An ex-advertising queen, she recently founded, an incredibly innovative micro-action platform designed to turn good intentions into concrete action. Based on a crowd-sourcing principle, Gallop’s venture is meant to motivate people to

Video: Rent The Car Next Door – The Rise of Peer-to-Peer Social Innovation

There are approximately 50 million power drills in American homes. The average power drill is used for no more than 13 minutes in its entire lifetime. This doesn’t make a lot of sense when – as renowned designer Victor Papanek declared – it’s the hole you need, not the drill. Aristotle once wrote: “On the