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Ten Trends from 2013: Cities, Disruptive

Dallas, Texas is a city that’s taken steps with legislation to effectively ban fracking. Image by sparkleplen_t, Flickr This is post 7 of 10. See next or previous. For over 25 years, companies have valued our ability to serve as their early warning system—to interpret emerging issues and trends in the sustainable development agenda and

We Asked the Experts: Corporate Performance Lags, Urgency Increases

Experts feel the urgency of issues like food safety is on the increase but corporate performance is still lagging behind. Image © David W Oliver, Flickr What issues are sustainability experts most concerned about? How well is the private sector addressing these challenges? Which sectors are most accountable for tackling these vexing problems? After analyzing

WBCSD Business Day 2013: Collaboration Critical to Climate Solutions

Speakers highlighted the electrification of cities as a major opportunity for cutting carbon emissions. But collaboration between city administrations and ICT intelligence providers will be critical to harmonizing electricity supply and demand. Last week, I attended the ‘Business Day’ event held by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) as part of World Climate

‘Missed Connections’: Business, Cities and the Urban Sustainability Imperative

Image courtesy of Christopher Chan ©2011 “What unites us on an urban level is more unifying than divisive.” – Paul Hawken If you were to judge solely by the plenary sessions at VERGE, a conference uniting the sustainability and tech communities in San Francisco last week, you would be hard-pressed not to be hopeful that

How to Make Climate Adaptation a Priority for CEOs

While defending assets and markets against climate risks is the focus of most vulnerability assessments, few of us are inspired by an inherently defensive mission. Image courtesy of Digital_Third_Eye: Flickr Not that long ago, “adaptation” was a bad word among good environmentalists. That’s because it was seen as conceding defeat in the fight to put

The Battle for Sustainable Cities

The battle for a sustainable future will be won or lost in our cities. Image credit: CC license by art-dara/Flickr Although occupying only 2% of the Earth’s land surface, cities account for more than 60% of global energy consumption and 75% of carbon emissions. Over 3.5bn people are city dwellers today, and by 2050 that

A Personal Journey Towards Rethinking Poverty Alleviation

Gulu, Uganda – Copyright (c) Livia Martini My junior year of college I spent a year living between Northern Uganda and Rwanda. Like most twenty-something liberal arts school students who graduate from an international studies program, I was convinced I would change the world and that living abroad would show me how. I returned to

Sustainability Hearts Cities

As I look ahead to joining VERGE at Greenbuild in San Francisco November 12-13, and begin to get my head around a brief One Great Idea presentation patterned on the ways my colleagues and I believe cities are vital to the future of sustainability, I have something to admit: Blade Runner is

Why City Mayors are a Sustainability Director’s New Best Friends

As a temporary London resident in the run-up to the just-completed mayoral election, I was intrigued by the platforms (and I must admit, the mudslinging) of each of the vying candidates, seeing the obvious parallels to hotly contested races in the U.S. But what really grabbed my attention wasn’t happening in London and didn’t include

Sustainability Needs Cities

Uncertainty and anxiety are ubiquitous nowadays. The global economy remains fragile, and even where it does show some life, the continued volatility (and upward trajectory) of energy and other commodity prices is there to beat back any real sense of momentum. Meanwhile, progress on grand challenges like climate change, food and water security, and sustainable