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Why City Mayors are a Sustainability Director’s New Best Friends

As a temporary London resident in the run-up to the just-completed mayoral election, I was intrigued by the platforms (and I must admit, the mudslinging) of each of the vying candidates, seeing the obvious parallels to hotly contested races in the U.S. But what really grabbed my attention wasn’t happening in London and didn’t include

Sustainability Needs Cities

Uncertainty and anxiety are ubiquitous nowadays. The global economy remains fragile, and even where it does show some life, the continued volatility (and upward trajectory) of energy and other commodity prices is there to beat back any real sense of momentum. Meanwhile, progress on grand challenges like climate change, food and water security, and sustainable


Cities are where we build our most ambitious and symbolic structures, where we come together to share experiences and exchange capital, goods and ideas, and where we go in search of a better life. They will also be ground zero for the collision of economic, environmental and social imperatives that define sustainability. Cities therefore provide

The Inescapability of Traceability in the Oil and Gas Sector

Fast-moving industries involved in the production of consumer goods, food, apparel and precious stones have all come under pressure about the provenance of materials, components and products in their supply chains. Many companies in these sectors have responded by developing mechanisms to assure customers and consumers that products can be traced and sourced with environmental

A Clear Path Forward on Energy

Image: Oceana, the NGO which, according to its website, is the largest organization focused soley on ocean conservation, has been running a new ad campaign in Washington, DC since about the first anniversary of the BP Deepwater Horizon accident (mid-April). I see the posters frequently on my ride to and from work on the

Are We Starting to ‘Get’ the Oil Question?

As unrest in North Africa and the Middle East enters a fifth month since the first sparks of the Tunisian Revolution last December, oil prices are starting to dominate the political discourse. In the UK, Energy Secretary Chris Huhne warned of a 1970s-style oil shock that could cost the UK economy £45 billion over two

Video: Rent The Car Next Door – The Rise of Peer-to-Peer Social Innovation

There are approximately 50 million power drills in American homes. The average power drill is used for no more than 13 minutes in its entire lifetime. This doesn’t make a lot of sense when – as renowned designer Victor Papanek declared – it’s the hole you need, not the drill. Aristotle once wrote: “On the

Turning a New LEAF?

History may record Monday 29th November 2010 as a date of uncommon significance. Not because the UNFCCC COP-16 opened in Cancun with barely a murmur, in stark contrast to the media circus that engulfed Copenhagen twelve months previously. Not because of the embarrassing disclosure of the US embassy cables, and their broader implications for international

Better Place: The Very Model of a 21st-Century Enterprise

Entrance to battery switch station – part of the Better Place Tokyo electric taxi project. Photo: Better Place. Many of us at SustainAbility have a big sustaina-crush on Better Place, the start-up working to build the infrastructure for electric vehicles – charging stations and battery packs – in cities around the world, and its founder