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Integrating Sustainability into the Maersk Mind-Set

Maersk, a worldwide shipping, oil and gas company, approached SustainAbility for help building internal awareness and understanding of the sustainability risks and opportunities facing its business, especially in relation to the financial and reputational business case. Intelligence to build awareness To help Maersk build this awareness and begin to integrate a sustainability mind-set into the

Good Growth, Together: Juan Gonzalez-Valero, Syngenta

SustainAbility’s latest report, Orchestrating Change: Catalyzing the Next Generation of Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration for Sustainability, was published in January. Syngenta, the global agribusiness company, which has made collaboration a key focus of its Good Growth Plan, was a sponsor of the report. We talked to Juan Gonzalez-Valero, Head of Public Policy and Sustainability for Syngenta, about

Challenges, Performance and Accountability

In comparison to the 2011 edition of this survey, titled Key Challenges and Industry Performance this year’s results show a slight uptick in the level of urgency experts feel across top sustainability issues, as well as in their impressions of how well industry is managing the transition to sustainability. But, even while perceptions of performance

The Great Disruption – Are you ready?

It’s time for all those focusing on sustainability to change gears and review strategy. With the ecological system groaning under the strain of an economy simply too big for the planet, we have to face the uncomfortable truth. The time to act just preventatively has past. It is time to brace for impact as we

Wanted: Leadership

On March 22 BP released its 2010 Sustainability Review. The front cover – a picture of a clean-up vessel, boom deployed, amidst a messy slick of floating oil – conveyed the message that the report was going to address the Deepwater Horizon accident head on. The inside cover likewise contains a series of less-than-flattering pictures

Ventures in Energy Technology

A few days ago, ConocoPhillips, NRG Energy and GE Capital announced a new joint venture. The three companies are putting up $300 million into a fund called Energy Technology Ventures which will “invest in, and offer commercial collaboration opportunities to, venture and growth-stage energy technology companies,” according to a statement. While the announcement is intriguing

New Year, New Life

The best of holiday gifts arrived for our family just after the New Year – a healthy baby, born the morning of January 08, 2011. These early days of his life are ones I will remember and cherish, and they have given me reason to think about the type of world in which he, and

UN-Substantiated Claims

I made a resolution recently, one that I had to break within a matter of days. Quick digression: in my former life on the Mobil Oil graduate programme, we used to enjoy a game called Buzzword Bingo (there are some rather more colourful names for it). I’m sure it’s familiar across the corporate world –

Big Oil: A GLOSSary of Terms

At the Peterson Institute a few weeks before the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, Tony Hayward proudly referred to BP’s advanced technology as the key to efficient oil production in the twenty first century: “Take for example the US Gulf of Mexico,” he said. “When BP went into the deepwater Gulf in the early