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On Our Radar: Climate Risk and Concern Intensifies, But Big Oil Stalls

Image © Libelul: Flickr An abbreviated version of this piece was originally published in the summer issue of Radar Magazine – Issue 04: Better, Connected. While the looming threat (and the perception of) climate change becomes more pronounced and immediate, we are seeing responses diverge in expected and unexpected ways. Recent efforts to broaden engagement

On Our Radar: Has China’s Environment Hit an Inflection Point?

Mask wearing has become a common sight in downtown Beijing. Taken April 2014 © Chris Wash. An abbreviated version of this piece was originally published in the summer issue of Radar Magazine – Issue 04: Better, Connected. The Chinese government’s declarations of environmental concerns as first-order priorities have a spotty history in heralding imminent change,

Why Sustainability Leadership Requires Advocacy

DoD photo by Staff Sgt. Sean K. Harp via Flickr The continued downward slide of government leadership in driving the sustainability agenda forward, coupled with lackluster policy and advocacy engagement from the private sector, is the inconvenient truth revealed in this year’s GlobeScan / SustainAbility Survey, The 2014 Sustainability Leaders. While a clear majority of

Ten Trends from 2013: Cities, Disruptive

Dallas, Texas is a city that’s taken steps with legislation to effectively ban fracking. Image by sparkleplen_t, Flickr This is post 7 of 10. See next or previous. For over 25 years, companies have valued our ability to serve as their early warning system—to interpret emerging issues and trends in the sustainable development agenda and

Challenges, Performance and Accountability

In comparison to the 2011 edition of this survey, titled Key Challenges and Industry Performance this year’s results show a slight uptick in the level of urgency experts feel across top sustainability issues, as well as in their impressions of how well industry is managing the transition to sustainability. But, even while perceptions of performance

This Top 10 List Goes to 11: What Corporate Sustainability Leaders Are Talking About

Will the vital pollination provided by bees, which is currently at risk due to Colony Collapse Disorder and other stresses, be the next big eco-system issue? Image © bob in swamp: Flickr On December 3, I moderated WBCSD’s US Midwest meeting, a one-day conference held in Columbus, Ohio whose theme was to “scale up and

UN Calls on Private Sector to Protect Vulnerable Communities

Typhoon Haiyan Near Hainan Island, China. Image © NASA Goddard Photo and Video: Flickr. “But let us again be clear that we are witnessing ever more frequent, extreme weather events, and the poor and vulnerable are already paying the price.” Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, closed COP 19

On Our Radar: Fossil Fuel Divestment and Emerging Market Branding

Greenpeace’s recent scaling of London’s Shard shone a light on the continuing lack of engagement by fossil fuel companies, but could targeting investors bring more tangible results? Photography courtesy of Sandison/Greenpeace. Between traditional news channels, blogs, and social media, it can be hard to keep up with what’s making waves in the field of sustainable

A Tipping Point in the Evolution of Capitalism: Interview with Bart Houlahan from B Lab

B Labs are creating a new kind of corporation for a new economy July 17, 2013 was a historic day, one that B Lab’s co-founders call “a tipping point in the evolution of capitalism” and the “coming home” of capitalism to its proper role of creating shared and durable prosperity. It was on this day

Rethinking Relationships between Business & Civil Society

The Zermatt Summit’s location acts as a timely reminder of the scale of the challenges ahead. Image credit: CC license by Professor Guido Palazzo of Lausanne University, when opening a panel session at the Zermatt Summitt, paused and surveyed his audience, every member of which was, in some way or other, committed to the