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Webinar: 2017 Sustainability Trends – Impacts for Corporate Leadership

We are delighted to present this webinar to discuss global sustainability trends that will shape the economic, political, and social landscape and business agenda in 2017. 2016 was marked by increased social and economic instability and profound changes in the global political landscape. What will these developments mean for business? What key issues shaping the sustainability

What’s Next for Business?

For SustainAbility’s annual trends report, we have identified ​10 issues that we believe have the greatest sustainability influence right now, calling out implications for the private sector in particular. 2016 brought profound global ​shifts including rising support for protectionism and populism, growing cybercrime and​ shifting global climate leadership, all​ amid significant political and economic instability. Opportunities for companies

Where do we look for leadership? Could it be China?

As the global movers and shakers head to Davos this week, the consensus is that globalization is under threat as never before. The President–Elect of the USA shows every sign of adopting “deal-based” transactional relationships based on narrow interests. As a result, we may find that in 2017 China emerges as the global leader on

Shifting Markets & Mindsets: Financing the Sustainable Development Goals

A year has passed since the adoption of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). At the time, many set out to ask what it would take to achieve the global to-do list for people and planet. Today, we are still trying to determine how to mobilise various levers to achieve the global goals. One of

Meet Our Network: Matthew Powell, Breaking Barriers

Denise Delaney interviewed Matthew Powell, CEO of Breaking Barriers, a young charity working with refugees and business in the UK to break down the barriers to meaningful employment. What’s the scale of the challenge in the UK? There are over 125,000 refugees in the UK with the legal right to work from countries such as

The Business of Campaigning

The lines are blurring between companies and campaigners. From CEO activism to corporate campaigns leading businesses become increasingly outspoken on critical environmental and social issues. Much has been written about the growing number of partnerships between business and NGOs. Now we are seeing the private sector not just collaborating with NGOs but stepping into the

Britain Must Remain In

On Friday June 24th the result of the referendum will be known and the future direction of Britain will have been defined. And also on the 24th June we will wake up to a string of challenges: the need to address climate change and to implement the Paris agreement will still be there. Our air

The 2016 Sustainability Leaders Survey: Experts Share Views on Progress and Company Performance

GlobeScan and SustainAbility have tracked expert opinions on sustainable development leadership for more than 20 years. Over these two decades, we have seen the sustainability agenda evolve and broaden, watched companies climb to the top of the corporate leadership list and then completely disappear from it, and witnessed many waves of optimism and pessimism as

Meet the Activists: Maddy Carroll, 38 Degrees

Image © 38 Degrees This piece was originally published in the autumn issue of Radar Magazine – Issue 05: Unusual Activists. 38 Degrees is one of the UK’s biggest campaigning communities, with over 2.5 million members. Members link up online and offline to discuss and vote on which issues the organisation campaigns on together. Zoë

2015: The Year of The Obvious

Flickr image by Wayne Wilkinson Labels can be tricky and distracting things. “Corporate citizenship,” “corporate social responsibility,” “shared value,” “triple bottom line,” “sustainable development,” and “sustainability” are just a few of the terms used by the broad array of professionals nudging business to play a positive role in society. It may seem a bit tenuous