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Earth Summit or Dearth Summit?

Having pretty much recovered from having my iPhone, iPad and laptop stolen (and having also pretty much recovered from one of the worst bouts of flu in my life), today in Rio was, on balance, a great day. People often ask me whether I am optimistic generally on the sustainability front and I find myself

The Value of Reporting

I am the first to admit that reporting is rarely transformative. It is a process for holding companies to account and a fundamental building block for a more sustainable economy. I am pleased to see that the findings of our latest report, Reporting Change, confirm that reporting is nudging companies towards improved sustainability performance and

Road to Credibility 2010

Two years on from our 2008 survey of corporate sustainability reporting in Brazil, SustainAbility has partnered again with FBDS to publish the sequel: Road to Credibility 2010. Historically many of the world’s economies have grown rich from the relentless exploitation of their natural assets. Yet even in the wake of major global economic crises, Brazil

Guest Blog: Lessons on Sustainability Reporting from Brazil

Brazil is just about to elect its new President after 8 years of the current government. Although Lula’s partisans were feeling they had already won the election, Brazilian citizens have shown that they need more time – and information – to decide who will set the rules over the next 4 years. Road to Credibility

The Most Isolated Man on the Planet (and what he teaches us about sustainability)

I can’t stop thinking about The Most Isolated Man on the Planet (and I’m guessing neither can the 10,962 people who’ve shared this Slate piece on Facebook to date). Writes former Washington Post correspondent Monte Reel, who left the Post in order to write a book on him: He’s an Indian, and Brazilian officials have

The Brazilian Phenomenon

SustainAbility is once again assessing the state of corporate sustainability reporting, as part of its Global Reporters program. Reporting, one of our research priorities, is a great tool to achieve robust corporate accountability, and accountability is a key attribute of a sustainable world. In its ninth edition, the program is looking (for the second time)

The Road to Credibility

The Road to Credibility assesses approaches to sustainability reporting in Brazil and highlights best practice in transparency and disclosure. Published by SustainAbility, Fundação Brasileira para o Desenvolvimento Sustentável (FBDS) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the report is the eighth global, and first national, survey of corporate sustainability reporting completed for Global Reporters. The

Enter the Social Entrepreneur (Época Negócios)

Enter the social entrepreneur, who we believe will increasingly be seen as a leading indicator of corporate innovation, resilience and, ultimately, longer-term sustainability. Read article in Portuguese. When we published our first survey of social entrepreneurs, people working entrepreneurially within corporations and other organizations said, in effect, “Great, but what about the entrepreneurs inside corporations

It’s Family Business (Época Negócios)

It’s time to look closer at how family-owned businesses manage sustainability. Read article in Portugese. Rarely do women pursue me as they did recently in São Paulo airport. I was heading home after a busy week in Brazil, my luggage too tightly packed to fit a large transparent plastic bag in which were embedded twelve

Unchaining Value

Unchaining Value: Innovative approaches to sustainable supply, a report by SustainAbility, the UN Environment Programme, and the UN Global Compact, argues that companies should redefine the goals of supply chain management from creating more value at less cost for the company, to creating more value for all supply chain participants at a lower cost to