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Promoting Sustainability in the Dairy Industry Through Collaboration

The Global Dairy Platform (GDP) is an industry body working on behalf of a range of industry leaders such as Nestlé, Fonterra, FrieslandCampina, Arla Foods, and the International Dairy Federation. The GDP enables many of the world’s largest dairy companies the opportunity to work together to tackle common challenges, and to collaborate on issues that

How Nestlé Measure What Matters

For a global leader like Nestlé, with operations in 197 countries, over 300,000 direct employees and a heritage stretching back nearly 150 years, understanding what matters most to its stakeholders is vital. SustainAbility has worked with Nestlé since the publication of their first Creating Shared Value report in 2007. Last year, Nestlé asked us to

Facilitating Stakeholder Dialogue at Nestlé

Nestlé is a global leader in nutrition, health and wellness and is committed to creating shared value not just for its business but for society. Key to achieving this is building and maintaining effective dialogue with stakeholders. One of the ways Nestlé accomplishes this is through a series of global stakeholder convenings. The purpose of

Unchaining Value

Unchaining Value: Innovative approaches to sustainable supply, a report by SustainAbility, the UN Environment Programme, and the UN Global Compact, argues that companies should redefine the goals of supply chain management from creating more value at less cost for the company, to creating more value for all supply chain participants at a lower cost to

Social Entrepreneurs Create Markets that Change the World

It is clear that the world faces epochal challenges – from outright conflict, terrorism, and weapons of mass destruction; to poverty and hunger; to the threat of global pandemics and, perhaps the biggest issue of all, climate change. But, tackled in the right way, today’s crises will lead to tomorrow’s solutions, and the size of

Market Movers

Companies from emerging economies are increasingly making their presence felt in the global business community. Not only are they acquiring more and more companies in the developed world, but they are also pursuing strategies that are highly competitive with those of established businesses in western markets. Market Movers, published by SustainAbility in partnership with IFC,

Pharma Futures 2

Pharma Futures is a pension-fund led dialogue between the pharmaceutical industry and its investors. Pharma Futures 2 – published by pension funds, ABP, OPERS and USS – outlines the findings of a 12-month dialogue, facilitated by SustainAbility, between leading industry executives and major institutional investors on how the pharma sector can better deliver long-term value

Raising Our Game

Raising Our Game: Can We Sustain Globalization? looks out to 2027 to examine future scenarios for the world’s sustainable development, and to propose a new set of rules for business to rise to the unprecedented challenges ahead. The interplay of sustainable development and globalisation is defining the future and the stakes for the planet are

Driving Sustainability

Driving Sustainability builds on the foundations laid by The Global Reporters, the first international benchmark survey of corporate sustainability reporting. It also draws on internet reporting by automotive companies, looks at the degree of convergence between stand-alone sustainability reports and mainstream corporate reporting, and raises challenging questions around performance. Driving Sustainability is not a benchmark