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Reports 25 Jan 2017

What’s Next for Business?

Sustainability Trends for 2017

By Aiste Brackley and Bron York

For SustainAbility’s annual trends report, we have identified ​10 issues that we believe have the greatest sustainability influence right now, calling out implications for the private sector in particular.

2016 brought profound global ​shifts including rising support for protectionism and populism, growing cybercrime and​ shifting global climate leadership, all​ amid significant political and economic instability.

Opportunities for companies to help solve global challenges have never been so varied.

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At the same time, opportunities for companies to help solve global challenges have never been so varied – and perhaps never so ​compelling. ​A growing of number of companies are already ​taking action, for example​ testing corporate strategic alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, ​setting and pursuing ever more ​ambitious climate targets, and adapting plans to address various food and health challenges exacerbated by economic growth and rising population.

We hope that this report will inspire discussion, reflection and ideas for further action in pursuit of a sustainable future​, and we invite your feedback.​


What's next for
sustainable business?

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