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Reports 1 Mar 2004

Values for Money

Reviewing the Quality of SRI Research

By Seb Beloe

Values for Money: Reviewing the Quality of SRI Research is intended to helpSRI research organisations and the wider SRI community become more effective in addressing and influencing mainstream investment decision-making.

The report involved a detailed review of 15 SRI research organisations from around the world and points to two major challenges they now face:

  • The emergence of sell-side brokers as suppliers of research; and,
  • The ongoing erosion in the price of research, coupled with higher investor expectations of research services.

However, the report also highlights the opportunities for research organisations to target the growing number of mainstream investors interested in reputation, corporate governance and management quality. The challenge is for organisations to develop ‘second generation’ approaches to service this growing audience.

Values for Money was funded by the Mistra Foundation and was researched and written by SustainAbility in partnership with onValues.


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