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Reports 2 Nov 2006

The Skoll Papers

Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainability

By John Elkington, Pamela Hartigan and Sophia Tickell

The Skoll Papers are a series of three short reports on the role of social entrepreneurship in sustainability. It was produced in collaboration with The Skoll Foundation.

1. Scalable Solutions: The role of social entrepreneurship in sustainability

This Business Primer sets out the business case for corporate engagement in the world of social entrepreneurship, including insights to innovation, new market opportunities and the potential disruption to existing business assumptions. | Download paper 1

2. Barefoot Billionaires: The big investors behind the social entrepreneurship boom

Barefoot Billionaires looks at some of the big investors behind the social entrepreneurship boom, including: Bill Drayton, George Soros, Stephen Schmidheiny, Bill and Melinda Gates, and Klaus and Hilde Schwab. | Download paper 2

3. Hot Spots: A whistle-stop tour of social enterprise around the world

Hot Spots is a travel guide to the world of social entrepreneurs, inspired by the realisation that certain countries and regions produce far more entrepreneurs than others – with Asia in leadership position. | Download paper 3


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