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Reports 8 Nov 2011

Survey on Sustainable Consumption

The Sustainability Survey

By Jeff Erikson

Are we making adequate progress toward the goal of sustainable consumption? And, is it possible to achieve it in the context of continued economic growth?

In the latest poll from GlobeScan and SustainAbility, a panel of more than 500 global sustainability experts and practitioners believe that sustainable consumption is possible to achieve, but will require substantial changes in the way goods are made, sold and consumed. A majority of respondents think that businesses have a duty to offer sustainable product lines instead of, rather than in addition to, unsustainable ones. While experts mainly agree on the need to change how we sell and consume products, there are diverging views on whether we must rethink the prevailing model of economic growth as well.

Download the the full results, and visit our blog for additional recent insight on consumption (here and here).

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