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Reports 1 Feb 2016

Orchestrating Change

Catalyzing the Next Generation of Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration for Sustainability

By Frances Buckingham, Chris Guenther and Denise Delaney

“Collaborations have played a key part in bringing us to where we are now—i.e., on the cusp of much more transformative change. But how, and to what extent, can they help achieve the full and final transformation that’s needed?”

In the wake of the SDGs and COP21, there is more need than ever for cross-sector collaboration to drive progress on sustainability, but there are also real questions about how far and how fast it can take us, and how much of it any given organization can effectively sustain.

Our latest report, Orchestrating Change, grapples with these questions and offers a vision for a new generation of multi-stakeholder collaboration, with the aim of helping companies and other organizations better plan for and cope with the increasing demands of collaboration, and bring sustainability much more rapidly to scale.


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