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Reports 26 Mar 2007

One Planet Business

Creating Value Within Planetary Limits

By John Elkington and Seb Beloe

For some years it has been clear that individual businesses, no matter how committed, are not in themselves able to solve enormous and intractable problems like the spread of HIV/Aids, climate change and environmental pollution.

Part of the problem has been a lack of effective tools to measure the extent of the challenge, and how far individual businesses are expected to go. An additional barrier has been the lack of supportive market and policy frameworks that provide incentives to business to tackle key social and environmental issues.

SustainAbility has worked with WWF to develop and launch the One Planet Business program which addresses these problems head-on by offering a new framework to measure both levels of resource consumption by business and society, and the consequent challenge in bringing these impacts back within the limits of our one planet.


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