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Reports 15 Nov 2018

Common Threads

Designing Impactful Engagement

By Rebecca O'Neill

Today’s businesses are increasingly recognizing that stakeholder engagement is critical to understanding their context, navigating disruption and formulating successful business strategies.

Though engagement is relatively common practice, approaches are not yet common enough. There are no agreed upon best practices shaping corporate strategies around engagement, and many practitioners struggle to determine the right stakeholder engagement approach for their company.

In Common Threads, SustainAbility applies our decades of experience to distilling insights for practitioners looking to advance their companies’ approaches to stakeholder engagement.

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Common Threads seeks to provide guidance that will enable companies to better engage their external stakeholders, address their material issues and strengthen their business strategies.

SustainAbility is committed to supporting companies seeking to develop and implement strategies that advance engagement and drive impact on their material issues. We call on companies and their stakeholders to step forward and find common ground to build relationships that will enable society and the environmental to thrive. We all need to make the vision of more proactive, strategic, integrated and diverse engagement a reality, to thicken the threads between us and co-design the future we all want.

Sector Deep Dives

As part of our research on stakeholder engagement, SustainAbility has chosen to explore corporate engagement on a topic that is material and/or timely for four specific sectors:

  • Food: The Plastics Dilemma
  • Finance: Climate Risk
  • Energy Utilities: A Just Energy Transition
  • Technology: Responsible Sourcing

Within each sector we explore:

  • Stakeholder concerns on the issue
  • The range of company engagement approaches
  • Case studies of innovative or successful engagements
  • Recommendations for companies
  • Looking ahead to the future of engagement on the topic

Each deep dive can be downloaded from the links below.

Common Threads: Sector Deep Dive

Food: The Plastics Dilemma

By Nicola Ledsham

Common Threads: Sector Deep Dive

Finance: Climate Risk

By Sarah Volkman

Common Threads: Sector Deep Dive

Energy Utilities: A Just Energy Transition

By Bron York

Common Threads: Sector Deep Dive

Technology: Responsible Sourcing

By Jonathan Sim


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