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Reports 12 Dec 2012

Collaborating for a Sustainable Future

A GlobeScan / SustainAbility Survey

By Frances Buckingham and Mohammed Al-Shawaf

As Jo Confino, chair of Guardian Sustainable Business, wrote at the close of the Rio +20 Conference in June 2012, “the most often used phrases in the many meetings I attended [were] the need to create ‘coalitions of the willing’ and a recognition that ‘all issues are inter-connected’ and cannot be viewed in silos”. In effect, proponents of more and better collaboration (e.g. between businesses, businesses and governments, businesses and NGOs, and multi-actor partnerships between all three) were not only big winners Post-Rio, but collaboration continues to be viewed as one of the few models that could catalyze solutions to the sustainable development challenges that we face at the speed and scale that we need.

To better understand the renewed hope, future prospects and potential pitfalls ofCollaborating for a Sustainable Future, SustainAbility and GlobeScan surveyed 800 global experts in 74 countries representing business, government, NGO and academic perspectives. We asked respondents for clues to a blueprint for the most effective forms of collaboration, how business should (and in reality, would) approach governments to address sustainability issues, and the most valued attributes of a collaboration partner. Collaborating for a Sustainable Future presents the beginning of our exploration into these questions and more, becoming an important focus area for us in the new year. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and insight.

To read about the survey findings, please watch this video or download the survey results below.

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