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Our Insights 22 Aug 2018

Webinar: What Strategic Value Can Materiality Assessments Deliver in the Future?

By Rob Cameron


Novartis and SustainAbility presented a webinar on August 17th which kicked-off a series of conversations about the results and outcomes of Novartis’ 2017 Corporate Responsibility Materiality Assessment.

This webinar focused on the overall results which highlighted crucial insights into the expectations of Novartis’ stakeholders.

Hear from Rob Cameron, Chief Executive at SustainAbility, Michael Fürst, CR Strategy & Innovation at Novartis and Steffen Rufenach, CEO at R.A.T.E. GmbH.

This third full materiality assessment for Novartis plays an important role in strengthening the integration of CR in Novartis’ core business. The objectives of the materiality assessment were to:

  • Further align strategies with societal expectations, business needs and market developments;
  • Intensify dialogue with key stakeholders on a systematic basis;
  • Structure and prioritise Novartis’ corporate reporting

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