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Our Insights 17 Apr 2019

Webinar on Rate the Raters: Expert Views on ESG Ratings

By Christina Wong and Aiste Brackley


Almost a decade ago, SustainAbility launched a multi-phase program, Rate the Raters. The program was designed to influence and improve the quality of corporate sustainability ratings and proved highly popular with companies and other stakeholders.

This year, we revisited Rate the Raters with new research.

The webinar focused on the results of a global survey on ESG ratings we conducted earlier this year. We polled several hundred corporate, NGO and other sustainability professionals to understand which ESG ratings they consider to be of highest quality and usefulness and why.

We also assessed how sustainability professionals are using ESG ratings and what changes they would like to see in order for ratings to better serve companies, investors and other stakeholders.

Join Christina Wong and Aiste Brackley of SustainAbility, co-authors of the research, in a discussion with panelists:

  • Suzanne Fallender, Director, Corporate Responsibility at Intel Corporation
  • Rachel Mattes Greenberg, Vice President, Sustainable Finance at JPMorgan Chase & Co
  • Lukas Brochard, Associate Director at CDP

The panelists focused on what constitutes ratings best practice for both corporate respondents and investors, how companies, ratings agencies, and investors can collaborate to improve the process holistically, and how companies can prioritize where to spend their time on ratings and rankings.



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