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Our Insights 28 Feb 2017

Webinar: Closing the Sustainability-Investor Relations Gap – Americas

By Rebecca O'Neill

In this public webinar, SustainAbility Senior Manager Rebecca O’Neill presented the findings of the research report, Closing the Sustainability-Investor Relations Gap.

Too few companies get clear sustainability performance messages out to their investors and one of the main barriers is the internal dynamic between Sustainability and Investor Relations (IR) departments.

Closing the Sustainability-Investor Relations Gap makes the case for stronger internal engagement between Sustainability and IR teams to enable proactive, integrated communications to investors.

This webinar covered the key gaps between Sustainability and IR teams and explore the reasons, the pain points and solutions that have been proven to help close the gaps. Rebecca will also describe several case studies in which companies have successfully applied the solutions to build stronger internal collaboration on investor communications.

Guest speakers will provide additional insights from both the corporate and investor perspective:

  • Verity Chegar, ESG Strategist, BlackRock
  • Virgínia Nicolau Gonçalves, Head of Sustainability, Itau Unibanco

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Webinar Slides

The slides in this presentation are available to download on the link below.


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