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Our Insights 6 Mar 2020

Webinar: Art of Alignment

By Rebecca O'Neill and Sarah Volkman


As sustainability increasingly becomes a focus for businesses, aligning financial and sustainability reporting has arisen as a critical frontier to tackle.

While many frameworks have emerged with the intent of making aligned reporting useful to investors, the variety of standards has not led to a unified procedure but instead resulted in a landscape fraught with uncertainty. This webinar covered research findings in The Art of Alignment: Sustainability & Financial Transparency and answered questions such as:

  • What is the current state of transparency efforts in response to elevated investor expectations on ESG?
  • Which frameworks and engagement methods do investors find most valuable?
  • What is best practice for aligning sustainability and financial transparency?

This webinar included a discussion moderated by Rebecca O’Neill and Sarah Volkman of SustainAbility and featured Susan Beverly, Senior Director of Sustainability & Shared Impact at Abbott and Niels Strange Peulicke-Andersen, Head of ESG Accounting at Ørsted.

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Webinar Slides

The slides in this presentation are available to download on the link below.


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