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Our Insights 3 Feb 2016

Watch a Video Recording of our Webinar on Integrating Sustainability into Business

By Margo Mosher

This webinar explores key findings from SustainAbility’s latest research reportSustainability Incorporated: Integrating Sustainability into Business.

While many companies claim that sustainability is embedded in their DNA, the reality is that very few companies have fully integrated it into their business models. How can sustainability practitioners break sustainability out of its programmatic silo and integrate it into the core of the business?

Report co-author Margo Mosher along with Gary Kendall from Nedbank and André Veneman from AkzoNobel—companies profiled in the report—will provide an overview of the research and address the following questions:

  • What does an integrated company look like?
  • What tools and approaches can sustainability practitioners use to more successfully embed sustainability into their companies?
  • Which companies have effectively integrated sustainability into the business and how?

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