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Our Insights 19 Jun 2018

Finding Opportunity in the Sustainable Development Goals

By Margo Mosher


At first glance, you might imagine that the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals are best tackled by governments and non-profits, but the reality is that businesses have a crucial role to play.

SustainAbility’s Director Margo Mosher, who is a member of The New York Academy of Sciences, shares the story of how she shifted her focus from education to the business community in order to scale her positive impact on the environment. The video also features Sarah Hill, Associate Director of Sustainability at BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company), who talks about the many upsides for businesses pursuing the Sustainable Development Goals.

About the New York Academy of Sciences

The mission of the New York Academy of Sciences is to drive innovative solutions to society’s challenges by advancing scientific research, education and policy. For 200 years—since 1817—the Academy has brought together extraordinary people working at the frontiers of discovery. Among the oldest scientific organizations in the United States, it has become not only an enduring cultural institution in New York, but also one of the most significant organizations in the global scientific community.

Learn more about how you can work with the Academy to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals here.

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