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Our Insights 10 May 2018

A New Role for Brands

By Koann Skrzyniarz

Last year, Sustainable Brands launched a three-year initiative to explore our sense of changing global societal aspirations. What we’ve found so far, through extensive research that we’re unfolding around the world, has validated that there is a mainstreaming shift in our collective vision of what the “Good Life” looks like today. More and more consumers today are placing less value on money and status as a path toward happiness, and focusing more on the pursuit of a simpler, balanced life that is rich with more meaningful connections to people, community, and the environment.

In keeping with this shifting sense of priorities, consumers are beginning to expect more from the brands we choose to support. We increasingly want to know how our purchases impact not only our own health and the health of our family, but also the health of our communities, the environment and the broader ecosystem of people involved in making the things we buy. We want to know where and how the products we buy are made, how the workers who make them are treated and where our goods will go once they’re no longer in use. For brands to remain competitive in this changing landscape, they must evolve with this new generation of consumers.

This year, our “Good Life” initiative continues with a global showcase of brands who are embodying the spirit of balance and simplicity and enabling more meaningful connections by redesigning product and service offerings to meet changing aspirations of The Good Life. The global Sustainable Brands community of innovators will be coming together in the spectacular city of Vancouver, BC for this exciting conversation. SB’18 Vancouver: Redesigning the Good Life will help brands and organizations articulate social and environmental purpose and redesign their product and service offerings through specific frameworks, tools and tactics that help turn supporting consumer’s new vision of The Good Life into market leading business value.

As the market leader for over a decade in the conversation about how brands can build relevance, resiliency and success by tapping environmental and social challenges as a source of purpose and innovation, we’re excited to share with you growing number of winning examples from around the world at this year’s convening. But beyond just a showcase of winning case studies, you’ll find a plethora of solutions providers and partners ready to help you on your own path to success.

We hope that you’ll join us to take advantage of the immense opportunities inherent in becoming part of this growing brand movement. We welcome your questions and observations as collectively we work toward building the better brands that will drive business success of tomorrow.

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