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What Matters to the Makers of Angry Birds?

Angry Birds creators, Rovio Entertainment, asked SustainAbility to help it understand the sustainability issues that mattered most to its stakeholders so that it could set key performance indicators for its business.


Our first step was to conduct a stakeholder analysis. We interviewed 18 partners, opinion leaders, retailers, suppliers and competitors to understand their views on key sustainability issues. We also asked for their own views on how they thought Rovio could tackle these issues.

Securing buy-in

Next we reached out to employees across the organisation. Through surveys and interviews, we asked for their views, while at the same time, helping to create buy-in around the setting and achievement of sustainability objectives. We also designed and delivered a workshop with members of the Rovio executive team to discuss our findings and understand the level of ambition at the senior level.

At the end of the process, we had delivered a robust stakeholder analysis, which had identified the most important sustainability issues facing the business. The insights gathered had provided three clear areas of focus and from our engagement with the executive team, we were able to advise on the level of ambition that would be appropriate for Rovio to achieve its objectives.

Our final output included a recommended sustainability framework that would help engage the various business units with the setting of their own key performance indicators for 2014.




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