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Integrating Sustainability into the Maersk Mind-Set


Maersk, a worldwide shipping, oil and gas company, approached SustainAbility for help building internal awareness and understanding of the sustainability risks and opportunities facing its business, especially in relation to the financial and reputational business case.

Intelligence to build awareness

To help Maersk build this awareness and begin to integrate a sustainability mind-set into the organization, we began producing monthly trends reports on issues including climate and energy, bribery and corruption, supply chain and labour and diversity.

We produced the reports by actively monitoring key publications including financial market intelligence. The report was then shared each month with sustainability managers across the different business units and every quarter the three most relevant articles were further summarised and circulated to business managers across the company.

A sustainability mind-set

As a result of our regular trends report, Maersk was able to inform sustainability and business Unit staff potentially reaching over 500 business managers.






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