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How Mitsubishi Gain Insight Through Intelligence


Japan’s largest general trading company, Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) has business interests in industries as diverse as energy, metals, machinery, chemicals, food and general merchandise.

A company committed to the enrichment of society through business, it is acutely aware of how environmental, social and economic pressures are rapidly shaping the context in which global companies operate.

Trusted insight

SustainAbility provides MC with tailored intelligence and trends analysis. Each month we produce and present detailed intelligence briefings to MC’s London and Tokyo based teams that help identify emerging sustainability risks and opportunities.

Our work complements MC’s on-going tracking of significant developments in the social, environmental and regulatory landscape. Our briefings provide analysis of the issues that could have implications for the industries in which MC operates; insights which can then be factored into strategic decision-making.


MC is committed to gaining a deeper insight of how the corporate responsibility landscape – across reporting, transparency and materiality – is evolving. Our role in supporting MC to achieve this means that alongside the intelligence, we also provide recommendations on what issues to prioritise attention and action towards.


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