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Charting a New Course for Cumberland Packing Corp


Brooklyn-based Cumberland Packing Corp. has been in the sweetener business for more than 55 years.

The family-owned and operated business approached SustainAbility following requests from their customers –which include large food manufacturers and retailers—about their sustainability efforts. Entering into new territory, Cumberland took a strategic approach to ensure their responses to customers’ surveys were driven by impact and aligned with their long-held, family-values approach.

Thinking differently

As well as offering environmental efficiency and supply chain recommendations, SustainAbility encouraged Cumberland to consider their products’ role in consumer health and wellness, specifically in relation to diabetes and obesity. This prompted them to think more broadly about the social impacts of the business, resulting in a strategy that takes into account their brands and the role those brands play in society.

Five-year playbook

Alongside a materiality assessment and strategy which included detailed guidance on stakeholder engagement, SustainAbility also created a strategic playbook that mapped what the next five years would look like for the company’s sustainability efforts, with one-year, three-year and five-year goals and milestones.

Demonstrating its commitment to the project outcomes, Cumberland then appointed a sustainability lead to guide the implementation of the road map and recommendations across the company.


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